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A tried and true design meets crash tested material with killer aesthetics. Advanced technical gear meets rugged wear.

Styled after the famous WWII MA1 Flight Jacket, we've added our own subtle twists while adding thoroughly tested abrasion resistant features and pockets for impact protection. 

The entire jacket is made of a fabric blend made specifically for motorwear containing some of the toughest materials known to man. It has been crash tested at highway speeds (80 kph) inside a state-of-the-art testing lab located in Europe. We added pockets at the back, shoulders, and elbow areas for the addition of armor. In addition to this materials heavy protective capabilities it features subtle reflective properties when directly in front of headlights for safer night rides. This subtlety allows driver to be alerted to your presence but does not distract or blind others in any way.

A fully detachable hood that easily zips on and off, gunmetal zipper, MA1 signature zippered arm pocket, and stitched with the thickest industrial thread we could possibly find. Ergonomically fitted to suit all riding positions.


-Made with abrasion proof Schoeller Dynatec®

-Integrated Nanosphere® self-cleaning technology repels stains and dirt.

-Bluesign approved.

-Slim and sleek styling for a clean look.

-Heavy duty gunmetal zipper.

-Detachable hood.

-Rain and wind resistant material.

-Stretch fabric.

-7 pockets for item storage.

-Armor ready.

-Crash tested at highway speeds.

-Repels dirt and oil- less washes means more riding.

MADE IN THE USA. Made in small batches to ensure the highest quality markers are met.

Visit Our Story Page to learn the process of how we make our jackets.

Be sure to read the FAQ page and Terms for additional in-depth safety info.


*This jacket is made to order and may take 2-3 weeks to ship out.


Watch a ride through the Santa Ynez Mountains with the V.MA1 Airborne: 




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Zeng K.

Very nice jacket, fully padded

An upgrade in every way to my old jacket

This will be a long review, but the key points are: worth every penny; stylish, functional and tremendously enjoyable to wear; my favorite jacket; loooooooong lead time. I bought this to replace my RSD Kent jacket on a whim, and I gotta say I've been thoroughly impressed with it. It stylish but understated and the Schoeller-Dynatec is a VAST improvement over waxed cotton because not only is it highly abrasion-resistant, water/oil/stain resistant, but it stretches and breathes. Not only is it more flexible than waxed cotton, but it's lighter too, much lighter—I notice just how little I notice wearing it. On the bike this translates to a whole new realm of movement that reinvigorated my love for riding. Because of the low collar, my neck isn't impeded during headchecks, and because of the stretch, I feel like I can actually move the way I want on the bike, instead of being hampered by stiff material. In price too, the V.MA1 Airborne beats the RSD Kent by $10, which is impressive given that it's Bluesign-approved (if you care about the sustainability of manufacturing, this is a selling point). Also, the shoulder and elbow pockets fit the Forcefield Isolator 2 and Net armors and the back pocket is several inches larger than the one you'd find on an RSD jacket—I appreciate that the jacket can fit a backpad that goes down further than my mid-back. This is a versatile jacket that breathes well at speed, but can accommodate layers underneath it when the temperatures dip (I already rode in 40 degree weather with a midlayer and windbreaker underneath and it holds up). Having the stash pockets (that also stretch slightly) on the front is a godsend for small stuff like GoPros or gloves and are great to have when you'd rather not dump everything on the ground or try balancing them on your bike. The only nitpicks I have is that the storm flap behind the zipper sometimes gets in the way of the zipping motion and the zipper itself isn't as smooth as a polymer zip, but maybe it'll break in over time. Also, while the hood is stylish (the description says it snaps in but it actually zips which I prefer) and well-constructed, I don't see myself using it. Oh yeah, that lead time. I ordered 2 Airbornes (small and medium) on Dec 18 and they were delivered Jan 25—maybe it took longer because they're made to order and Vaktare had to make two, but them's the facts and it was a long wait. That being said, the jacket was definitely worth the wait and Estefan was gracious and helpful in letting me order two sizes to check fit with the intention of returning the one that didn't. This jacket has me excited for what Vaktare is going to be doing in the future and I look forward to seeing them expand their line to other moto gear with the same attention to style, function and safety that's been demonstrated in spades with the V.MA1 Airborne.

The VKTRE Moto Company

Thanks for the in-depth review! Glad to hear the jacket is suiting your riding needs so perfectly, your patience is much appreciated. We are improving our jacket crafting setup to speed up delivery times so subsequent orders should be much faster. Ride safe!