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The Pilot Racer Jacket Dyneema Denim with Detachable Shearling Collar


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The Pilot Racer Jacket crafted in Dyneema Denim.

 For those who love the feel and classic look of denim, we created our best selling leather jacket, The Pilot Racer, out of Dyneema Denim, the strongest denim on earth. 

This jacket includes a removable shearling collar that can be zipped on or off, and replaced with any of our alternate collar accessories including an assortment of multi-colored shearling collars and hoodies. With a selection that is constantly growing with new releases, colors, and designs, you can achieve your own unique combinations based on your personal style.


When you need something lightweight, protective, and casual enough to blend in with your surroundings, our Pilot Racer Jacket made with ultra-strong Dyneema Denim is here to save the day. We at VKTRE have been riding through California weather enough to know that a denim jacket gives just the right amount of airflow and casual style, but often times regular denim just isn't enough. So, instead of compromising on safety, we created this Dyneema jacket featuring pockets for CE rated motorcycle armor.

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Dyneema is proven to be 10x stronger than steel weight for weight, and weaves in perfectly with premium cotton to create this beautiful Denim. This Particular Denim was woven at Berto Mills, a premium denim company with decades of craftsmanship under their belt. Watch the video below as they test the same Dyneema Denim with a functional road abrasion test!