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The Aviator Jacket Mk. II Italian Steerhide

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 Introducing the MK. II Aviator jacket.  Made with Luxurious Italian Steer hide. A sleek and contemporary re-design of the classic Aviator Pilots' jacket. Made for riding and a lifetime of everyday wear. *shown with optional pin.

Hand-crafted from 100% Italian Steer hide sourced from San Francisco. Stitched together in our Los Angeles studio. All cut from one hand-chosen hide. Optional pin included with purchase.

Uniquely dyed Italian Steer Hide: This Jacket has the unique ability to 'break-in' to the owners body and movement patterns, often lightening up at key stretch points, then reverting back to its original color. This gives it a very distinct pattern over time that reflects the wearers daily movements and habits. It may take some time, but eventually you will make your own distinct, individual mark on this beautiful piece.

2 Way zippers. Allows for the rider to customize the bottom length of the jacket to suit any riding position. Prevents the jacket from bunching up while riding motos with aggressive posturing. We use American-made (Los Angeles crafted) G2 Zippers By UCAN LA.

The best quality leather available. As you wear this jacket the high quality leather will naturally break in and fit your body like a glove, part of the beauty of full grain leather is the story it tells after years of wear. Our jackets are built to last a lifetime. Free re-waxing service is included with every purchase.

Read additional info on how we select only the best leather here: The right leather for motorcycle jackets. 

All our patterns are hand-drafted from scratch at the VKTRE Moto Co. design house in Los Angeles, our originals are available nowhere else. We fashion outerwear to be uniquely yours.



1.3-1.4 mm full grain American sourced cowhide.

Pockets for the addition of back, shoulder, and elbow armor.

Premium two way polished zipper. Allows adjustment for various riding position.

1 Extra Large zippered inside pocket.

1 Durable luxury G2 zippered arm pocket.

Hand waxed for weather resistance and to preserve longevity of the leather.

Custom sizing and requests available. Email support@vaktaremg.com to start building your custom leather Aviator jacket.

 Currently, this specialized garment takes about 2-3 weeks to ship out. This is because once ordered, we carefully select a premium full grain cowhide and cut the entire jacket from it to ensure the consistence in color, weight, and feel. No two hides are exactly alike.