Our goal is to create one-of-a-kind motorcycle gear boasting modern design and features. Our collection will not only look good, but will also serve a higher function in your life.
VKTRE is devoted to the synchronization of everyday life and motorcycle riding. We produce garments that seamlessly provide motorcycle safety and functioning fashionable wear. Our collection was developed using the motorcycle industries leading technologies for abrasion resistance and impact protection. 
The VKTRE Collection was created to bridge a gap that has been ignored for too long. It was a concept created by riders, for riders. How could we create high quality motorwear that both provides protection and style? How could we make it so that our clothing could inspire confidence on and off the bike? The answer was a long process of research, development, and a merge of practical design and industrial motorcycle technologies. At long-last we have created a line that has been developed by two teams (fashion designers and motorcycle protective clothing designers), coming together in order to change the tide of motorcycle and scooter gear. 
HOW ITS MADE. Tailored in Los Angeles, California. The highest level of quality control is implemented into our process. We want each and every customer to feel invincible, confident, and comfortable.                                                                                                      
Each batch of a particular style is made in limited 15-20 unit runs. This allows us the ability to thoroughly ensure every detail, down to the correct size thread and sewing method, is properly applied. Using a method that monitors attention-to-detail makes our line a visible a cut above the rest. VKTRE Wool and Waxed Jackets have an abrasion resistant 1000D Cordura lining. These styles are essentially two-jackets-in-one. Generally, only highly honed and experienced tailors have the skill to perfectly craft one of these jackets. Rest assured, we only use the best.
Step inside our world and feel the difference,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
The Vaktare M.G. Team.