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THE DRAUGR V.2. An alternate version to the original Draugr jacket.  

After creating the original Draugr Motorcycle Coat we couldn't help but cook up a beefier, more colorful version. That's where the Draugr V.2 comes in. We used 24oz. Melton wool sourced from the east coast, gunmetal buttons, and the same refined design from the Draugr Motojacket. This motorcycle jacket was created with rigorous features including abrasion resistant 1000D Cordura and pockets for armor.

 The weight of the fabric nearly doubles from the original 14oz draugr jacket adding more weight, better climate control, and a different look and feel on and off the bike. Wool is a natural insulator that keeps you warm in the winter/fall seasons, and much cooler in the summer/spring seasons. 

 We fully integrated un-coated 1000D Cordura brand nylon layering throughout the entire body, industrial strength seams, as well as pockets for the addition of back, shoulder, and elbow armor (not included).

*If Custom color option is selected we will start by sending you a swatch book of different color options, choose your favorite and we will get to work on crafting your very own uniquely colored Draugr V.2 motorcycle coat!


100% American Made. Produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality markers are met.


Features include:

-button snaps on the front pockets to ensure safe closure when storing items.

-Un-coated 1000 denier Cordura layered throughout the entire jacket.

-pockets at back, shoulders, and elbow/forearms for added impact protection. (Not included)

-naturally insulating wool keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

-water resistant wool blend for weather climate control

-high quality lining to offer crisp comfort.

-thick and reinforced bonded nylon stitching throughout all seams.

-front buttons anchored to secure closure.

-selectively dyed 24 oz. Wool from the east coast.

-premium metal buttons.

We stand by our products. We offer a full 30 day return policy with no fees of any kind. Our guarantee.

*This motorcycle jacket is made to order and may take 2-3 weeks to ship out.

Visit Our Story Page to learn the process of how we make our jackets.

Be sure to read the FAQ page and Terms for additional in-depth safety info.



FITTING NOTE: This jacket has a slim fit cut meant to fit snug with armor should you choose to insert them. The sizing we use is the same as most outerwear and blazer sizes sold by popular clothing outlets; 38, 40, 42, 44, and 46. 




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Samuel V.
Does what its meant to do and more!

For a such a good looking motor jacket this piece performs amazingly well. Its a warm and hefty coat, with full armor its actually kinda heavy. I love riding my CB500 with this thing. Keeps the cold air out even at 80+ speeds. Remarkable design and execution!

Jose U.
There can be only One....'s a beautiful coat, compliments.. and subtle as a cycle coat. However, when shown to many a fellow rider, they started pointing out certain features that are standard on most quality cycle jackets and not present on my Draugr V.2. that if on it, would not reduce the quality but make better in standing alone. 1. Aside from a possible weather/water repellent being basically added, though temporary would help from a consumer support level, but there are areas of constant-contact, or highly-probable contact that will wear an tear this fine riding jacket; elbows, wrist-cuff area, neck-line, inner-waist seam, button fastening grommet and it's fastening-hole. Are all areas that either can have a button placement for adding pieces of leather, or similar colored wool-blend-to-beat-cloth, so that one could add a bit of added psuedo-protection or garment protection, from weathering, gas, oils, the rub of thy gloves or cool hair greases... but overall.. a fine coat..worthy of fine dining, dusk strolls after a roll, or dragon slaying.. and I'm hoping for a few more of your styles to complete my ensemble.. Ride safe, but ride... says the JoeZen1