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Heritage Leather Road Jacket Rental

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An L.A. inspired leather jacket designed for every season. Built for the road. Ride or drive. This jacket does it all.

We designed this jacket to celebrate our Los Angeles heritage. After living and working in this town for years, we thought it best to show appreciation by creating a jacket influenced by our city from start to finish. In fact, we worked with a local family-owned tannery to supply all the high-quality leather and hardware, including snaps and buckles.

We've partnered with Rider Share to offer all the gear you need for your upcoming rental!

The Heritage Road Jacket is available for purchase Here.

Rental Rates:

1 day: $55

2-3 days: $45

4+ days: $28.99

Note: A $395 hold will be placed on the card used. Refunds are issued once the jacket is returned in acceptable conditions.

If during your rental you choose to purchase the jacket, you will receive the reduced rate of $395 minus the rental fees already paid.

Rental Instructions:

1. Select date range of rental. Selection must be 7 business days from current date. If you need the rental the same week, email us at support@vktremotoco.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.

2. Select jacket size.

3. Specify where the jacket is to be sent. *Important* If you are staying at a rented home or hotel, please let us know the dates that you will be there so we can be sure to have the jacket there for your arrival.

4. Receive your leather jacket and use it to your hearts content!

5. Once rental period is complete, re-package the jacket in the original box and use provided return label. drop off to any USPS location and you're good to go! Package must be sent no later than the day after rental period. 

(Example: You rent your Heritage Leather Jacket from May 2 to May 6th. May 7th is the latest day to drop off your package to a USPS post office before fees are incurred. If the 7th happened to be a Sunday, you would have till the 8th to drop it off due to the post office closure on Sundays.)


Why rent your gear through us? Its simple!

We put our gear through a visual inspection process to check the gear for any damage, and we thoroughly clean each item after every rental.

Before being sent out, our gear goes through manual inspection. We clean the lining and leather of our jackets, then check the outside for any sign of damage or wear from previous riders. If any signs are noted the jacket is immediately removed from circulation!

Features Spotlight:

Breathe-able full grain cowhide. Our quality leather is minimally processed and never sanded. That means it retains its natural strength and allows for better breathe-ability than other similar weight leathers.

- Pockets for the ability to add or remove CE rated motorcycle armor.

 - The collar buckle allows for adjustments to tighten or loosen the fit for comfort, layering, or helmet style.

 - Made with rich, café colored leather sourced from our hometown. 1.2 - 1.3 mm thick.

- Adjustable cuff tabs allow for 3 incremental positions to block air from rushing into the jacket.

 - Ergonomically designed for all day comfortable wear on or off a motorbike. 

 - 4 outside pockets and one large zippered inside pocket for item storage.

 Two way zipper allows for comfort in all riding/driving positions.


Made with pride in Los Angeles, CA.

Delve into the process of how we individually craft each leather jacket in our journal post: How its made: VKTRE Moto Co. Premium Leather.

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Disclaimer: Renter agrees to use this product at their own risk. Many of the sports and activities which people take part in when using this product can be dangerous and we have no control over how you make use of this rental. You are responsible for reading and complying with all safety instructions that we make available to you on this site which relate to our products, and to exercise good judgment as to the proper selection and use of any of our products.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that this rental meets your reasonable satisfaction, we cannot guarantee that our rental product will protect you in all circumstances, including but not limited to, injury or death as the result of a traffic collision.

Please read our Terms page for more pertinent information.